FluoroLine® Dual Containment Tubing

PFA primary containment for universal chemical compatibility
FEP secondary containment enables easy visual inspection of primary tubing
Tube-in-tube design does not introduce contaminates during installation process, and enables long, continuous lengths without connections or welding
Flexible tubing does not introduce tensile pulls
No special and expensive welding or heat bending processes are required
Laser marking on both inner and outer tubing enables traceability to the work order and inspection record

Part Number Tubing MaterialProcess LineMaximum Reel LengthQuantity 
 Process LineFluoroLine® XKT1/4"350 ft
 Secondary Containment LineFluoroLine® ET1/2" 
 Process LineFluoroLine® XKT1/2"1500 ft
 Secondary Containment LineFluoroLine® ET3/4" 
 Process LineFluoroLine® XKT3/4"750 ft
 Secondary Containment LineFluoroLine® ET1" 
 Process LineFluoroLine® XKT1"600 ft
 Secondary Containment LineFluoroLine® ET1 3/8" 

Laser marking is not available on the 1/2" FEP outer containment

Part Number* O.D.O.D. ToleranceI.D.Wall ThicknessWall Thickness ToleranceMinimum Bend RadiusQuantity 
 Process Line.250" (,35 mm)±.004" (+,10 mm).156" (,96 mm).047" (,19 mm)±.004" (+,10 mm) 
 Secondary Containment Line.500" (1,70 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm).376" (,55 mm).062" (,57 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm) 
 Process Line.500" (1,70 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm).376" (,55 mm).062" (,57 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm) 
 Secondary Containment Line.750" (1,05 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm).626" (1,90 mm).062" (,57 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm) 
 Process Line.750" (1,05 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm).626" (1,90 mm).062" (,57 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm) 
 Secondary Containment Line1.000" (2,40 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm).876" (2,25 mm).062" (,57 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm) 
DCT1375E-1000K-600      18.0" (457 mm)
 Process Line1.000" (2,40 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm).876" (2,25 mm).062" (,57 mm)±.005" (+,13 mm) 
 Secondary Containment Line1.375" (3,92 mm)±.007" (+,18 mm)1.225" (3,12 mm).075" (,90 mm)±.007" (+,18 mm) 

Flaretek® Fitting Flaring Tools
PrimeLock® and Flaretek® Heating Tools
Tube Cutters
Quikgrip®, PFA Pass-through Dual Containment, Quikgrip® × Quikgrip®
Flaretek®, PFA Pass-through Dual Containment, Flaretek® × Quikgrip®
Integral Ferrule Pass-through Dual Containment, Integral Ferrule × MNPT

ENTEGRIS 2 16 0123456789


Work Order Number
Ten digit work order number traceable to a specific material lot number, date manufactured and production inspection record.

O.D. Size
4=1/4" (6.4 mm) O.D.
8=1/2" (12.7 mm) O.D.
12=3/4" (19.1 mm) O.D.
16=1" (25.4 mm) O.D.

2=FluoroLine® Dual Containment

Flaretek® Tube Fitting Flare and Assembly Procedures for 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes
1 1/4" Reduced Footprint Flaretek® Tube Flare and Assembly Procedures
Quikgrip® Tube Fittings Assembly Procedure
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