FluoroPure® 1000 Liter Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
Blowmolded Multilayer Construction

The wetted inner layer is made from the purest virgin HDPE material available, assuring chemical integrity where the utmost purity is critical. This is the same wetted material currently available with Entegris' industry leading FluoroPure® Trilayer 200 liter (55 gallon) HDPE drum.
The all-plastic design ensures extended use, corrosion-free performance.
Pressure tested and assembled in Class 6 cleanroom ensuring a high purity package.
This reusable, 100% recyclable package decreases your handling cost per gallon of delivered chemical.
UN tested and approved, and in compliance with DOT for packaging Group II and III chemicals.
The package includes three ports: a burst disk required by the DOT to ensure your safety, an optional point-of-use DI and an optional return DI for chemical recirculation applications.
Accommodates Entegris' patented Sentry® Quick Connect Systems, assuring against unsafe chemical mixing while guaranteeing dedicated clean service.
The rectangular design of the FluoroPure® intermediate bulk containers allow for easy truck or shipping container loading while efficiently utilizing available shipping space.
The blue HDPE overpack with integral fork truck pockets provides a safe, durable package with accessibility on four sides.
Not recommended for pressure dispense or vacuum conditions.
Not intended to be stacked.

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Base Package
81 = 1000 liter (265 gallon) Trilayer IBC with FEP encapsulated silicone o-rings

Part Number:

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Overpack:Blowmolded multilayer blue polyethylene
Top lid:Light blue, Trilayer inner bottle
Bottle:Blowmolded multilayer high density polyethylene
Approval:DOT/UN approved 31HH1/Y/USA
Specific gravity:1.9
Rated capacity:1000 liters (264 gallons)
Gauge pressure:100 kPa (14.5 PSIG)
Tare weight:94.8 kg. (215 lbs.)

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