Galtek® Stopcocks
1/8" Orifice, 2-way, 90°, 1/4-turn

All wetted parts are PFA and PTFE.
Small compact design provides minimal internal volume.
Requires minimal space for mounting. Ideal for draining filter housings.

Part NumberFlow Factor CVFlow Factor KVInletOutletDimension AQuantity 
PVA4-T4-2.233.31/4" MNPT1/4" Integral Ferrule12.28" (57.9 mm)
PVAT4-T4-2.233.31/4" Integral Ferrule11/4" Integral Ferrule12.28" (57.9 mm)
PVA4-T4-2FN-1.233.31/4" MNPT1/4" Flaretek® flared tube2.36" (59.9 mm)

1 Tube connection includes Integral Ferrule nuts. Also compatible with Quikgrip® fittings. Click here for information.

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Pressure range:27" Hg vacuum (913 mbar) to 50 PSIG (345 kPa) up to 150°F (65°C). To calculate the maximum pressure rating, subtract 1 PSIG (6.9 kPa) from 50 PSIG (345 kPa) for every 2°F (1°C) temperature rise above 150°F (65°C).
Temperature range:0° to 200°F (-18° to 93°C), ambient
0° to 250°F (-18° to 121°C), fluid
Materials:PTFE stem, PFA valve body

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