Integral Ferrule, PFA
Straight Adapter, MNPT

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Part NumberO.D. Tube SizeMNPT SizeOrificeDimensionsHex 1Hex 2Quantity 
C1-1N1/16"1/16"1.8 mm41.9 mm20.8 mm14.0 mm1/2"1/2"
C1-2N1/16"1/8"1.8 mm41.9 mm20.8 mm14.0 mm1/2"1/2"
C2-1N1/8"1/16"1.8 mm41.9 mm20.8 mm14.0 mm1/2"1/2"
C2-2N1/8"1/8"1.8 mm41.9 mm20.8 mm14.0 mm1/2"1/2"
C2-4N1/8"1/4"1.8 mm41.9 mm20.8 mm14.0 mm1/2"5/8"
C4-2N1/4"1/8"4.8 mm43.2 mm22.1 mm14.0 mm5/8"5/8"
C4-4N1/4"1/4"4.8 mm43.2 mm22.1 mm14.0 mm5/8"5/8"
C4-6N1/4"3/8"4.8 mm43.2 mm22.1 mm14.0 mm5/8"13/16"
C4-8N1/4"1/2"4.8 mm46.0 mm22.1 mm16.8 mm5/8"13/16"
C5-4N5/16"1/4"6.4 mm44.2 mm23.1 mm14.0 mm11/16"11/16"
C5-6N5/16"3/8"6.4 mm44.2 mm23.1 mm14.0 mm11/16"11/16"
C6-2N3/8"1/8"5.1 mm45.5 mm24.4 mm14.0 mm13/16"13/16"
C6-4N3/8"1/4"7.4 mm45.5 mm24.4 mm14.0 mm13/16"13/16"
C6-6N3/8"3/8"7.6 mm45.5 mm24.4 mm14.0 mm13/16"13/16"
C6-8N3/8"1/2"7.6 mm48.5 mm24.4 mm16.8 mm13/16"15/16"
C8-4N1/2"1/4"7.4 mm44.7 mm23.6 mm14.0 mm15/16"15/16"
C8-6N1/2"3/8"10.7 mm44.7 mm23.6 mm14.0 mm15/16"15/16"
C8-8N1/2"1/2"10.9 mm47.5 mm23.6 mm16.8 mm15/16"15/16"
C8-12N1/2"3/4"10.9 mm47.8 mm23.6 mm17.0 mm15/16"1 3/16"
C12-8N3/4"1/2"13.7 mm52.3 mm28.2 mm17.0 mm1 3/16"1 3/16"
C12-12N3/4"3/4"17.0 mm52.3 mm28.2 mm17.0 mm1 3/16"1 3/16"
C12-16N3/4"1"17.5 mm56.4 mm28.2 mm21.1 mm1 3/16"1 7/16"
C4m-2N4 mm1/8"2.0 mm42.2 mm20.8 mm14.0 mm1/2"1/2"
C6m-2N6 mm1/8"4.8 mm43.2 mm22.1 mm14.0 mm5/8"5/8"
C6m-4N6 mm1/4"4.8 mm43.2 mm22.1 mm14.0 mm5/8"5/8"
C8m-2N8 mm1/8"5.1 mm44.2 mm23.1 mm14.0 mm11/16"11/16"
C8m-4N8 mm1/4"6.4 mm44.2 mm23.1 mm14.0 mm11/16"11/16"
C8m-6N8 mm3/8"6.4 mm44.2 mm23.1 mm14.0 mm11/16"11/16"
C8m-8N8 mm1/2"6.4 mm44.2 mm23.1 mm14.0 mm11/16"15/16"
C10m-2N10 mm1/8"5.1 mm45.5 mm24.4 mm0.0 mm13/16"13/16"
C10m-4N10 mm1/4"7.4 mm44.2 mm23.1 mm14.0 mm13/16"13/16"
C10m-6N10 mm3/8"7.6 mm44.2 mm23.1 mm14.0 mm13/16"13/16"
C10m-8N10 mm1/2"7.6 mm48.3 mm23.1 mm16.8 mm13/16"15/16"
C12m-4N12 mm1/4"7.4 mm44.7 mm23.6 mm14.0 mm15/16"15/16"
C12m-6N12 mm3/8"10.7 mm44.7 mm23.6 mm14.0 mm15/16"15/16"
C12m-8N12 mm1/2"10.9 mm47.5 mm23.6 mm16.8 mm15/16"15/16"

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